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The Local Action Network is a volunteer community group in the Central Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania devoted to encouraging responsible stewardship of local resources.  We work toward "relocalization" or the re-establishment of sustaining economic, agricultural and social networks in the local community.  We are dedicated to fostering an environmentally sound way of life and to building a strong and healthy community now and for generations to come.  Efforts underway include: small group discussion courses, monthly planning meetings, quarterly themed meetings, a community calendar service, action opportunities, and active engagement in local and regional planning.

Given the threat posed by gas drilling hydrofracturing which has been ramping up in the region over the past few years, much of our efforts are currently focused on addressing its hazards and raising awareness of its impacts on people and this place.  Subscribe to our blog to keep up-to-date on messages on the topic coming from a wide variety of sources.  Consider attending a gas drilling committee meeting, every two weeks on a Thursday during the day in Lewisburg.  Email sam[dot]z[dot]pearson[at]gmail[dot]com to get on the email list and get involved.



The Mission of the Local Action Network is to develop perspective, vision and direction about pressing social, economic and environmental issues of the day for residents of the Central Susquehanna Valley -- perspective to clarify our roles within the global context, vision to move us toward a better future, and direction to guide our actions as individuals, as a community, and as residents of the world toward a more sustainable life.

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